The Needed Regard


LIFE is one of the most powerful words connecting us all. Defined by Encarta as the existence in physical world—life, in its simplest term is the force and spirit behind our and all other living things’ existence.

Watching several documentary films and researching about the holocaust and Auschwitz led me to write this narrative–a sentiment as to why we, humans are creating our own destructions? There are countless of them, but the three worst, demonic kinds destructions of wars, illegal drugs, and genocides, are all man-made and caused by greed.

Such anthropogenic took not just hundred millions (maybe even billions) of lives, but also the hopes and dreams of their victims and even their faith. What was worse, perpetrators showed no remorse, and not the slightest of it.


Defined as a period of hostile relations between countries, states, or factions that leads to fighting between armed forces, especially in land, air, or sea battles, wars, as of press time, approximately reached a hundred-twenty-seven count by occurence. The worst of them all, is World War II (1939–1945)—as its death toll reached roughly seventy-eight millions of people from all over the world. (Wikipedia)


Another mean and deadly (and not to mention addicting) man-made destruction, is also known as ice, shabu and meth–methamphetamine is an illegal drug used as a stimulant.

It massively proliferated in several third world countries of Columbia, Mexico, even in Hongkong, Taiwan and in mainland China.

According to Jeannine Stein of Los Angeles Times, there are approximately“200 million people around the world” so hooked on illegal drugs every year. In third world countries, kids and women are even utilized as couriers and workers in “cooking labs” of triads and all other drug rings or syndicates.

Photo courtesy of Sanja Gjenero
Photo courtesy of Sanja Gjenero


Another notorious anthropogenic is genocide—the systematic killing of all the people from a national, ethnic, or religious group (Encarta). The worst genocide ever recorded is the holocaust. From 1941 to 1945, there are about seventeen millions of Jews and all others (from Germany, Poland, and all over Europe) died in the satanic reign of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi chain of command.

Personally, I can’t tell you enough how hard I cried reading and watching films about the sufferings of the victims and the cruelty of perpetrators. I still can’t believe such evil people existed in this world, as I really have zero tolerance for violence. What pierces and tears my heart the most, women and kids, and elders and people with disabilities were the defenseless victims of holocaust. For those are the type of people I work with at Legal Aid Society of Hawaii (every tax season).

Nowadays, atomic war is posing threats (North Korea is ridiculously contemplating). While genocides are reportedly still happening in many parts of the world like Cambodia, China, and the Middle East. And the continued massive proliferation of meth is unstoppable.

In this regard, maybe we can’t do anything drastic on our ends, to stop and completely eradicate such crimes against humanity. However, please be reminded that we are now empowered by the Internet–and we can all use this medium to voice out our stance and be vigilant in upholding and safeguarding life. And mind you, no voice is too little, when one speaks of truth, especially if it is for a cause.

Finally, life and love are the strongest “dots” connecting us all. For if we can just put love on everything we do, perhaps Michael Jackson’s dream to Heal the World isn’t too impossible to achieve. However, if it’s too hard for one to give love, at least, one should respect and value life—for by simply respecting and honoring our differences on our mentality, religions and beliefs, and even on our cultural values, we truly can make this world a better place. Besides, reality is, we are co-existing with one another, so we must work out those differences. Maybe not in the most compassionate ways, or all the time. However, nothing is impossible if there’s a will. Moreover, anything logical could be doable. After all, we are in this very civilized age, and civility nowadays, is simply, but a common sense.

PS (Something borrowed from Lyrics, Sentiments and Me):

Below is a video from my favorite musicians these days–the PianoGuys giving a very wonderful treat to the elderly–such an awesome treat to celebrate life!


26 thoughts on “The Needed Regard

  1. Yes, the world and life is so tough and evil for some of us .. and most of the time is it other people that causes it. Fantastic post and it’s really only us that change this .. through education and understanding – but also through putting pressure on to our governments.


    1. So true, Viveka! That’s why I strongly believe education and information are empowering us. Often a simple complaint on anything erroneous or simply malicious, could make a difference. Thank you, Wivi!


  2. Sometimes it’s painful to look at the world about us when all we see is such massive and sustained efforts at destruction. As Wordsworth said: “And much it grieved my heart to think, What man has made of man”. Thank God for people like you, Aina, who always puts love on everything you do 🙂 xxx


    1. Jill, like the Jews, I often suffer prejudice too. Like whenever I post anything from my school that shows my academic accomplishment, some people find it or me being boastful. But what the cynics do not know, I am so away from my family and I have medical issues, I don’t know my time if I am going. And the only way I could make them aware of my efforts is through blogging my efforts and accomplishments in school.


    2. But no matter how the narrow-minded think, I always make it a point Jill, to do what I know is to the best interests of my children. I always strive to make it a point to stay focus on my purpose in life, coz it is so hard to stay sane and goal oriented if we’ll let other people’s prejudice rule in our lives.


      1. People can be so narrow and hurtful 😦 but you rightfully do not stoop to their level. I am having health problems as well (hopefully nothing serious) so I know how frustrating that is, my sweet. I hope it is some comfort for you to know how important your positivity is, for you and your children, and the world around you ❤ Stay strong, Aina (I know you are :-)) xxx and remember how these peoples' bitterness is a blight for them and theirs.


      2. Thank you Jill! I really don’t and won’t. For I rather focus myself to broad and nice people like you. I hope your medical issues aren’t anything serious. Take care of yourself. And always know I cherish you a lot. Aloha 😊


  3. Just stumbled upon two very disturbing videos earlier on and still feeling very disturbed right now reading this post…feeling sad and utterly disappointed to see the pure evil side of human beings now being displayed in the open, with no slightest intention of concealing…. 😦

    Still feeling down (guess today would be the ‘downest’ Friday for me) but thank you for sharing the video clip…for it did manage to cheer up up a little…. 🙂


    1. Sorry about that Wends. I was feeling the same way too. coz for two weeks of watching 50 movies of holocaust and WWII, I felt like my heart was going to explode. Coz even if I am not a Jew, i felt their agonies. Thank God, just like you, the video eased and lightened it a bit. Thank you girlfriend!


      1. It is okay Aina…it is just that ‘helpless’ feeling when seeing all the bad things people are doing to people…I am glad that I am still capable of feeling down and not feeling numbed…

        Hope you are having a better day, my friend…Cheers!! 😀


      2. You’re welcome, my friend. Hope you are enjoying a fine weekend…watch more beautiful movies to balance out the mind…I am watching the re-run of the animation “One-Piece” to ease my heart and imagine myself being part of the Luffy’s Crew, traveling the adventure of the Grand Line…hehehe…. Cheers!!


    1. Sorry about that Viva, let me fix it. Nonetheless, thank you!

      It is sad to note, however, out of greed, there were a lot of lives wasted. The saddest part, the perpetrators showed no remorse in taking lives. Again, my sincerest thank!


  4. Hi Aina , remarkable post,the reality that is hidden from the many .Life is the most precious gift we have . There is no existence without life.Thank you for liking my post.Have a wonderful day.jalal


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